8 Trello Shortcuts that will improve productivity!

I use Trello for everything! From managing collaborative software projects to keeping personal To-Do lists, to tracking my weight loss! It’s an awesome tool and I love the way it visually helps me to plan and prioritise my life! Furthermore I’m a very impatient person with not enough time to do all the things I want! So I’m constantly trying to find little shortcuts here and there that will shave off a few seconds or minutes from the task I’m doing, so I can spend that time doing more stuff!

I was chatting to another developer the other day (we do talk to each other occasionally you know…) and I mentioned a couple of Trello shortcuts that save me those few precious seconds. He didn’t know they existed and he was pretty excited about – he assured me he was going to try them out as soon as he got home!

Maybe he was telling the truth, or maybe he was just humouring me and hoping I would just stop talking to him… either way I thought I would share my favourite Trello shortcuts with you, and you can see for yourself how much they improve your Trello productivity!

Shortcut 1 – Navigate to board

change trello board

I currently have 14 boards in my Trello and I will switch backwards and forwards between at least 5 of them in any given day. This was the first shortcut I found and I love it! Press B and then start typing the name of your board. Watch with awe as your list of boards appears and is filtered down to the exact board you are looking for. Then hit Enter, lean back and enjoy those extra few seconds you have saved by not having to click on the Boards list, scroll down to find your board and click on it!

Shortcut 2 – Filter your lists

filter your trello list

If you have long lists and you’re having trouble finding the card you want, press F and start to type. Magically see every list filtered so you can find your card without having to scroll…

Free bonus tip: Press F and then * and you will see the number of cards displayed at the top of each list!

Shortcut 3 – Add a new list

add a new Trello list

I found this one totally by accident one day – if you’re in a board and you double click anywhere on the background, the ‘Add List’ dialogue appears and guess what – you can ADD A NEW LIST!!!

Shortcut 4 – send your board an Email!

email your Trello board

I’m constantly sending myself email reminders to do things or links to articles I want to read but maybe later. So imagine my glee when I discovered that you can send an email to your Trello board and it will turn your email into a card for you!

Expand the menu bar on the right hand side of the screen, and then click on the “Menu” dropdown at the top of that bar. You will see a link that says “Email-to-board Settings” which contains a randomly-generated email address that you can use to send an email to your board. You can choose which list to create the card in, and where you want it to go in that list.

Each board has it’s own email address for each member that has access to it, and you can regenerate your email address (like I did after taking that screenshot just in case you were wondering…) to ensure that only you can email your specific board.

The subject of the email will become the title of the card, and the body of the email will be the description. There are more formatting tricks skillz you can learn here if you want to become an ’email-to-board’ Ninja!

Shortcut 5 – Toggle side menu

toggle your menu

In one of my Trello boards I have 11 lists! Even on my HD laptop screen means I have to scroll my board to see all my lists, and the right-hand side menu bar just gets in the way! But that’s a simple problem to solve – just press W and the side menu will appear or disappear! Nice.

Shortcut 6 – Select a label

select a label

Labels are a great way of categorising cards and giving a visual cue as to which cards belong to what category. When you’re on a card, press L and the Lists menu will magically appear. Each label has a number in brackets next to it. Simply press the number for the label you want, hit Enter and your card will be categorised!

Shortcut 7 – Colour-code your boards

colour-code your Trello boards

If you have a lot of boards and they’re all the standard “Trello Blue” it can be difficult to find the one you want quickly (unless you’re using shortcut 1 that is!) From the right-side menu choose ‘Change Background’ and you will see a small number of colours to choose from (you can get more colours/backgrounds if you’re a paying customer, so if you’re aesthetically inclined, you might want to part with your cash!)

Shortcut 8 – Star your boards

star your boards

Finally if you have a lot of boards in your Trello and you’re using it through an app, starring your favourite boards moves them all to the top of the Boards list/page and makes it much quicker for you to find the board you want!

Bonus Shortcut – set Trello as your browser homepage!

If you’ve got this far you deserve a reward, so here’s a little bonus shortcut! I set my browser homepage to be my ‘Backlog’ Trello board – this is my prioritised backlog where I bring cards in from all my other boards and stack-prioritise them! So each morning when I open my laptop I can see exactly what my priorities are for that day!

So there you go – if you’re using Trello a lot and you use all these shortcuts I can guarantee that you will save at least 2 extra minutes per day! Just think how many tweets you could send with all that saved time!

If you aren’t using Trello yet, use this link to sign up (it’s free!)

Do you have any other Trello shortcuts that you find invaluable? If so, share them in the comments below!

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