Monetise your WordPress site with Coil

Monetise your WordPress site with Coil

Coil is a really cool web monetisation platform that allows users to anonymously stream micropayments to content creators, which I think is going to be a really interesting space to watch over the next few years.

And great news – it’s really easy to add Coil to your WordPress site, because they have just released a plugin!

Coil has a great overview of this, and instructions on how to configure the plugin on their website, or you can just follow the instructions below:

1. Install the Coil Web Monetisation in your WordPress site

2. Add your Payment Pointer address in your plugin Global Settings recommends a couple of ILP-enabled wallet providers that have payment pointers. They are:

  • Uphold (payment pointer instructions are here)
  • GateHub (payment pointer instructions are here)

3. Set the monetisation policy in your Content Settings

4. Finally, set your Excerpt Settings

And that’s it!

Once you’ve installed and configured your plugin, if a Coil subscriber visits your site and they have the Coil browser extension enabled, Coil will stream micro-payments to your ILP-enabled wallet for as long as the user is actively browsing your website!

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