Working with SVN is made easier with AnkhSVN

AnkhSVN pending changes

One of the biggest problems I’ve experienced with using a Windows Explorer-based SVN tool such as TortoiseSVN, is that newly added files are often forgotten when you commit your changes. This is because when you’re using Visual Studio, adding a new file to the project you’re working on doesn’t automatically add the file to SVN through your Windows Explorer client.

AnkhSVN is a cool (free!) plugin for Visual Studio which eliminates this problem, making it much simpler to work with SVN! When you add a new file to your project, AnkhSVN automatically adds that file to your ‘pending changes’ list. When you come to do your next commit, the new file is checked and waiting to be included. Simple!

There are a couple of other cool things that AnkhSVN does that makes my life a lot simpler too:

1. Commit and Update directly from Visual Studio! The Pending Changes window shows all the changed files you’ve been working on, and lets you commit them without touching Windows Explorer.

2. View individual file history from the Visual Studio Solution Explorer. Just right click on the file and choose ‘View History’

Although there are some things I still like to do through Windows Explorer using TortoiseSVN (such as branching, merging, and resolving conflicts) you can do these with Ankh too.

Check out AnkhSVN here.
Check out TortoiseSVN here.

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